Sunday School

We hold two services at the same time, in two rooms across a shared hall.  This way, everyone who comes to FCC Tyler begins and ends in a shared middle space. Staying together on one schedule keeps us together as one family.

Services begin at 9:30 a.m.

After worship and an intentional 15-minute break, we offer Sunday School for all ages. The goal of this time is to develop friendships as well as faith, to offer engagement and to grow connections that draw us into mutual care and service. 

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We have 6 class options for adults, all starting at 10:45.
Each class has its own customs and character; we invite you to sample them over a few Sundays. Here, we’ve grouped your options by location.


DISCIPLES – PARLOR, directly off Sanctuary.  A combination of early retirees to senior adult ages, about 15-18 people. Series of lessons cover topics of interest with a spiritual component (eg: how to pray, stories of our favorite hymns).

SEEKERS – SEEKERS CLASSROOM, behind the Choir Room, through the Choir Hallway. A well-established group with string attendance (between 20-25 people), mostly senior adults. Class often follows video material or invites guest teachers. Class members share facilitation role. 

THE WAY – CHOIR ROOM — Multi-generational discussion group that focuses on following Jesus’ Way in real life. Includes young adults. Larger in size (avg. 20-25 people). Marked by willingness to “deconstruct” past beliefs and reconstruct our most positive, life-giving theologies. Begins with a presentation and ends in discussion.

SEASONAL, “POP UP” SUNDAY SCHOOL — CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP space — Several times a year, ministers lead limited-duration classes (often, in 4-8 week runs) on books of the Bible or topics of personal interest. Ask when the next session is scheduled!  


BELIEVERS – ROOM 8, CLC hallway.   Lecture class of larger size (usually 20+ people). Multi-generational – marked by diverse ages and points of view, and keen interest in a scholarly approach to Scripture. Leans heavily into theology/ history/ sociology of the Bible. 

KOINONIA – ROOM 7, CLC hallway.   Video + discussion class of mostly married couples, entering or into retirement years.  Avg. size 25-30. Known for sponsorship of special-interest speakers on occasional Sundays. Class has been together many years but also welcomes newcomers.  

GENESIS – SCOUT ROOM at end of CLC hallway.   A small group (currently 6-8) of “middle years” adults, married and single, that uses both book and video prompts for discussion facilitated by rotating class members.

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